Clever Valentine’s Day Sayings

Disclaimer: If your name is Toby and you happen to be my husband you really should stop reading this post right now or you’ll ruin all the fun and surprise.  I love you Love.  ;)

In my “Who Me?” tab I put up some possible topics for each day of the week as a challenge to myself to write each day.  Today I will be going off topic, because my mind is totally stuck on the marriage challenge I am participating in at Women Living Well.

This week I’m coming up with ways to verbally praise my husband.  Already it’s created such a wonderful response.  I really love my man, he’s amazing.

Beyond the challenge, I keep envisioning how to celebrate him for Valentine’s day this year.  We used to think it was a silly, overly marketed holiday and we didn’t do much to partake in it.  But in recent years we’ve really enjoyed coming up with our own fun ways to celebrate and use the holiday as a simple reminder to be more intentional about our love.

This year I decided to do the 14 days of Valentines.  Meaning I will give him a small token and words to show love each day starting February 1st.  I came up with a bunch of fun sayings and gifts  to go along, then I discovered another gals blog who made a list of 100 sayings.  It is awesome.  If you’re thinking this sounds fun here is the link to her blog post.

Here’s a short list of the sayings I came up with as well as a few from her list.  If you come up with some fun ones of your own let me know.  I’d love to hear them.

1. You light up my world  – Flashlight or glo stick

2. You’re HOT!   –  Small bottle of Cholula (because my husband loves to put it on everything)

3. I’m stuck on you – Duck Tape roll

4. You’re the Apple of my eye  –  Apple

5. You’re Sweet –  I plan on making him one of his favorite homemade candies

6. Owl love you forever – An owl toy or figurine

7. You are so cool –  Ice pack

8.  To risk being “corny”, I love you   –  Candy Corn

9. You’re outta this world  –  Orbit Gum

10.  We’re mint to be –  Mints

11. I love everything you dew  –  Mt. Dew

12. We’re the perfect pair  –  Socks

13. I love to hang out with you – Clothes pin

14. You make my heart bounce – Bouncy ball

15. You’re a great catch – Goldfish crackers

16. You color my world – pack of sharpies

So there you go.  Cheesy sayings and useful gifts to give your loved one this year.  I plan to sneak these into his lunchbox or the car before he goes to work to surprise him each day.  I’m still contemplating what the finale will be on the 14th, but I’ll let that simmer.  Thanks for reading.  Hope you’re having as much fun as I am loving on your love.

“Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart.” – Proverbs 6:45
*side note…if an ad pops up on this post, it is from wordpress.  I do not make money off this blog, but I’m also on the free forum, so ads come with the territory I am told.  My apologies.


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